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It's time to rewrite your story...

My Hypno Birthing course differs from your average in many ways. I don't believe there is a one size fits all approach and as such we combine techniques from many disciplines I've learned visiting health and wellness centres from all over the world including time spent living with buddhist monks on mountainous island in Thailand or studying kinesiology aside a Guatemalan volcanic lake.  I've spent the last decade scouring the world for my favourite methods of finding calm so all you have to do is show up and open up and feel the magic. 

Helping women relax is my life's work and no situation is more important to find your calm than in the birthing room, wherever and however you choose to do it. As a yogi, massage therapist and ProFemme practitioner I offer a unique perspective on relaxation, meditation and calm tailored to you. 



We include:

Birth Hypnosis a minimum of 6 methods. 

Birthing Art: a means of self expression 

Birthing Positions: Physical preparation for the day

Birth & Beyond: Preparing you for the magic of motherhood

Birthing EFT: A wonderful method of tackling and removing fear in the birthing room. 

Birthing Massage: Safe oils and techniques for you birthing partner to practice during your big day.

Birthing and Me: Counselling and movement exercises to help you adjust to the change preparing mind. 

Birthing and Trauma: A sensitive and important subject we cover in private sessions in order to empower survivors of abuse 

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UK Launch 2019

I'm having a baby, can't wait to share this experience with you, I'll be up and running soon!

"Polly is a health and spirituality geek who emphasises on the importance of being gentle with the self, rather aiming to stretch and push the tissues, she focuses on embodying the tissues in their movements creating body intelligence.  She aims to guide you to tune in to the bodies subtle whispers and understand why as well as the how we move the way we do. Her number one passion is wellbeing and so she is qualified in all aspects of a healthy body and mind in order to give you the best all round advice. "