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It's time to rewrite your story...


But I don't know anything about meditation.

Perfect, come and try it, whilst I may be the one leading the group I often learn a lot from people who are new to the practice. Meditation isn't about sitting stock still and thinking about nothing, actually thinking about nothing is simply impossible. I will guide you through a short relaxation and the rest will be easy and relaxing.

I invite you to come and share with me in my home as by doing so we are co-creating positivity and wellbeing for all who attend.  We will set our intentions for the month, have a discussion of our truths & be together in stillness and contemplation.  

I look forward to sharing with you. 

Truth is too simple for words
before thought gets tangled up in nouns and verbs
there is a wordless sound
a deep breathless sigh
of overwhelming relief
to find the end of fiction
in this ordinary
yet extraordinary moment
when words are recognized
as words
and truth is recognized
as everything else

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Warrior Women World Wide

 (From Gifts with No Giver, a free ebook of nondual  poetry by Nirmala. )

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UK Launch 2019

I'm having a baby, can't wait to share this experience with you, I'll be up and running soon!

"Polly is a health and spirituality geek who emphasises on the importance of being gentle with the self, rather aiming to stretch and push the tissues, she focuses on embodying the tissues in their movements creating body intelligence.  She aims to guide you to tune in to the bodies subtle whispers and understand why as well as the how we move the way we do. Her number one passion is wellbeing and so she is qualified in all aspects of a healthy body and mind in order to give you the best all round advice. "