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If you read just one post I urge you make  it this one all the way to the end you wont regret it.



Let's start with me. I am Sage although I was not born to that name, I was given the name Polly Maria at birth, after my Grandmother whom I never met. However as I aged I decided I needed a name of my own, a name that matched the woman I had become rather than a woman that was.


And so I am Sage and I am not, I am not merely a name and neither are you.  


Aside from our names, we are given many things by our parents, if we are lucky the largest of those things will be love. 


It can be argued that those who do not receive ample or well placed love may end to be the most fortunate of all as they have learned to fend for themselves & develop the tools needed to survive. My words may seem harsh or misguided to you now but I assure they are come from a place of knowing and loving as you keep reading I will explain. 


Hardships & traumas can become great tools but we must first learn to  liberate ourselves from our past prisons & see our misfortunes as blessings, truly one of life’s hardest lessons. This involves a great deal of internal work and tearing down well built walls, the good news is that those people who are the most prepared for the struggle are the ones who have already struggled. Life is a continuous “Catch 22”


Our personalities change like the seasons. We play many characters, some good, some bad all necessary at a given point in time. We can choose not to hold animosity, resentment or judgement to the person you once were and the person you are today. Whether you like that person or not, that is the person that brought you here, to where you are today, alive and ready to dip a toe into the possibility of change.


Be proud that you have made it here, on this day, at this very moment to this message as it is designed especially for you.



You the seeker, you.

You the wanderer who has wandered many paths. The you that has endured many heart aches.

You the experimenter who has dabbled in all things deemed good and bad, there is no judgment. (In truth good and bad are simply 2 sides of the same coin and can not be separated or unwoven from each other, so I say to you there is no good or bad there just IS

and will continue to be.)

This message is for you. You the worrier, you the philosopher, you the “f*ck up”, you the black sheep, you the perfect daughter, you the tired mother, you the conformist, you the anarchist,

the many sides of the one you.




Permit me now as you keep reading to ask you a question...

“Who do you love the most?”       

(Hold on to that answer, I will remind you again later.)


Indulge me for second and let's imagine a scenario. Let us say that you return home one day to a note about your child, children, spouse, parent or sibling whoever jumps into your mind when I ask you the question;


“Who do you love the most?”       

(hold on to that answer, I will remind you again later.)



This note reads…       

 “We have taken your loved one hostage,

either attempt a rescue if you dare

or await demands do NOT go for help!”.


Not being a seasoned vigilante or equipped with the right tools for a one person kamikaze mission, you chose to take the safe route & await demands. You do not want to anger the captor. Soon enough demands come and they come and they come, you continue to meet these demands day after day with no real guarantee that the one you love is alive and well,


Before you realise it they’ve been trapped for so long perhaps they no longer desire freedom?


You can’t stand this particular thought so you don’t allow yourself to think it, you never allow yourself to think it!  As you pay the toll over and over you become weak and exhausted. Soon you have almost nothing left physically, financially, emotionally and mentally. You are all but finished.


When you can finally take no more, you make the decision to liberate your loved on from that cell.


The task won't be easy as you have never seen the cell, never perceived it, never acknowledged it. The idea was simply too painful to think about instead you’d ticked along, pretending to everyone that everything was fine, living lies and making excuses for your loved one’s noticeable absence at the dinner table, in the workplace or with friends.

People seem not to mind that they are missing they get used to it, but everyday you feel their absence stronger and stronger, there’s a whole in your life only they can fill.


In order to create an escape plan you need to be aware of the prison.

Where is it? How it was built? When it was built? Why it was built, did it originally serve some other purpose? How strong is it? How small is it? Some of these facts may hold the clue to its undoing. 


It’s clear that you can’t break them free without knowing everything there is to know about the cell, perhaps for now, you can simply find a way to communicate with them in the inside? 

If you can only find a crack in it’s walls, you can get to them and reassure them that help is on the way. 

As Leonard Cohen poetically put it; "There is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in."  You must find that crack. 


And when you’ve worked, and planned and tested and gained feedback and tried again and tested until you’ve finally found the solution, you can break through and liberate them.

Back into your arms and into a loving embrace, you can promise to try to keep them safe, you can promise to love them and cherish them and to continue to do so until the end of time.


Take a second to really imagine this moment, this beautiful reunion!

Feel the emotions, feel the sensations.


How does it look?

How does it feel? They’ve been gone for so long, they’ve endured to so much!

To have them back in your arms, what a feeling!

See yourself hugging them.

How tight is your embrace?

Would you ever want it to end?

The joy of holding a loved one safe in your arms, the warmth of the embrace is, magnificent.  


And now I want you to imagine that when I asked the question;


“Who do you love the most?”  

You had answered…


… “me”.


Imagine how it would feel, if you could learn the cracks in your own prison to liberate yourself, to be free and return to yourself to receive that loving embrace. To come home to your heart and a joyful a blissful welcoming loving embrace.


Breathe in, allow your breathe to be long and flowing, feel the nourishing air fill your lungs as you chest rises and falls. Take a second to really imagine this moment, this beautiful reunion!


How does it look?

How does it feel?

You’ve been gone for so long,

You’ve endured to so much!

Imagine being able to welcome yourself home!

How tight is your embrace?

Would you ever want it to end?

The joy of holding a safe space just for you, the warmth of your embrace is a magnificent.

How do you feel, how would it feel to love yourself, to truly deeply love yourself? 

Acceptance, forgiveness and love.


To be home, to be loved and to promise to try to keep yourself safe, although safety can never be guaranteed it's part of the fun, to promise to love and cherish yourself and to continue to do so until the end of time.



Powerful stuff huh?


Mindfulness and CBT offer you the tools to discover your prison, discover its history and it’s faults and liberate yourself if you so chose.

To book a session call or whatsapp 


+34 602 59 47 57


We have all experienced repression or oppression in one shape or form, the degree to which is not necessarily relevant nor should it be dismissed. Society is by construct a suppressive tool without which there would be no confines for “acceptable behaviour” in which to form our day to lives, it's a means to an end, society is neither good nor bad.


Eric Fromm wrote in "Fear of Freedom" that ‘If a child adapts to subjugation by parents because he fears too much to rebel, the child then becomes a good son but something tragic happens within him. He develops an intense hostility towards his parents which he represses as it would be dangerous or unacceptable to express it. Such repressed hostility becomes part of his character and this leads him to more deep submissions.” This child is repressed. 


As we grow in this world the “parent” takes many forms and the conditioned or suppressed mind or “child” allows this continuous subjugation, squashing the inner rebel and rebel. But don't we all sometimes need to scream? Don't we all have a day when we need to shout from the roof tops          


 "Actually no I AM NOT f*****g ok!" 


But we are trained not to allow ourselves to do that. This suppressed hostility then turns inwards and we create negative belief systems, assign blame falsely & suppress more and more emotions as we fall deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole. 


In doing so we unwittingly become trapped in a box of our own fabrication. It isn’t important how high a wall we have built as the invisible boundary is impossible to scale.


Alberto Jose Varela wrote of the “Agoraphobia of the mind” of a mind that “fears freedom and open spaces and wants to be locked up within itself, because that way it feels safe.”


Using a mixture of visualisation, clinical techniques, western science, Eastern wisdoms with your own wild wisdom and strength specific to each individual it’s a therapy of liberation and awakening for those who are willing to do the work.  There are many that believe they can and many who think they cant, although the truth is we all can (I doubted myself for a long time.)


There are those who will work and those who will not.

There are those who will succeed!

I am Sage.


Who are you?


Sat Nam



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