Can doing this in the morning change your life...?

... I think so! Actually after years of living it, I know so! It was my first step to healing! Let´s see if it works for you...


… let´s talk water.




Beautiful, abundant, healing water. You and your body are over ¾´s water.

You are water, water is you.


Our planet is over 70% water.


Water is the basis of all life, your muscles can be 75% water, your lungs can be 90% water, your blood transporting your nutrients is 82% water, your brain is a whopping 76% percent even your solid bones are 25% water. We are water!


Look at that lovely wave there on the left, great isn't it, couldn't you just dive in?

In this day and age in the western world, we forget how lucky we are to be surrounded by flowing water pipes. Hot and cold at the turn of a tap, how wonderful!




Yet we are becoming increasingly dehydrated day to day. We are seeing conditions pop up that are being masked with over the counter or prescription medications. Despite medications for everything these conditions persist.




Dr Batmanghelidj in his revolutionary research may have just come up with the solution, (pun intended) which has been dripping away there under our noses for years. His book title tells it all...


... ´You´re not sick, you´re just dehydrated.´




Isn't that great news? How fantastic can this potentially be? If what you need to do to take control of your health is at your finger tips for relatively no cost in comparison to medical bills. The answer is so simple that is had been dismissed for years, how can we be dehydrated when society has running water in abundance?



It´s simple, are you ready for the answer…




                                   … We´re not bloody drinking it!



We are drinking coffee in the mornings with a view of energising and in doing so the first step in the morning is a step towards dehydrating your beautiful cells and sending our renal glands into orbit. We are chugging down bigger and bigger sugary soft drinks, juice drinks, sports drinks etc. None of these are actually getting the message of hydration into your tiny little cells.



Why do our cells need water?


Your cells are the building blocks to make up the beauty that is you. They need exactly the same as we need to survive, light, love, nourishment and hydration. We mentioned earlier that you´re a very high percentage water, your magical little cells, thrive on water to make their membranes strong yet permeable. A strong permeable membrane means a stronger you.

Messages must pass in and out  of the cells constantly cascading and carrying out the incredible amount of microscopic tasks that make you you: digestion, blood circulation, hormones creation and transferal, making bone tissue, making organ tissue, making skin cells, thinking, breathing, being. Homeostasis is frigging awesome, your body body is so smart we can barely even understand it! 



In a scientific nutshell there are these little magical micro-warriors called prostaglandins, which are the precursor to your hormones and all kinds of activities that make you tick. These little guys need your help to get the job done right, and you can help them along with adding good quality water to your daily routine and some Essential Fatty Acids (we´ll touch on that another day.)


Here´s a few snippets good quality water can potentially do for you:

  •  Prevent and reverse Premature ageing

  • Eliminate pain, including heartburn, back pain, arthritis, colitis, angina & dum dum dum... the dreaded migraine.  Hand on hear it has worked wonders with mine IF I catch it early enough.

  • Cure asthma in a few days naturally and forever

  • Cure hypertension with out diuretics or other medications

  • Lose weight effortlessly and naturally, without strict dieting

  • Aids digestion and relieves constipation - here at Forever Young we believe it all boils down to hydration as building block, constipation is your bodies message that it isn´t getting enough hydration from the liquids and solids that you are consuming, so it simply refuses to let go until it´s done draining the hydration levels. Remember how the warm water is absorbed through your intestinal walls, sending the message of hydration & release. Don´t worry though extra hydration won´t have loosing your bowels in the supermarket! 


Hard to believe huh? As people we've hard wired ourselves to complicate things, to over think and over explain, to talk ourselves out of things or to desire the hard road. But yes potentially a lot of life´s troubles and tribulations are over complicated, let´s make it simple again. 


Is water going to cure everything? 


Well no, some of us are actually sick, but can it help us all even those who are sick to live more energised lives? Hell yeah, it's a start and damn easy one too!  It´s soooooooo simple.  We want to send the message of hydration to your cells, to your prostaglandins, to you. We want to  energise, revitalise and live!



When is the best time to drink water?


What worked best for me was the naturopathic appraoch of water is on an empty stomach. Now I´m not saying starve yourself or live off just water, that´s silly. Food is fantastic, I´m such an eater!! What you want to do is  start small, simply drink a pint of warm water in the morning.



That’s it!!! Drink a pint of warm water in the mornings and no food for 20 minutes or even better half an hour plus. 



Kick start your hydration, with blood temperature good quality water (mineral as opposed to tap), this way the water will already be the same temperature as your body so it'll be no trouble at all to absorb into your wonderful intestinal walls and hydrate the heck out of you.



Empty the kettle, or prepare a good quality pan. Heat one part of your water and mix the second part cold, dip your pinky knuckle in and try get it as close to that temperature possible and BOOM you´re away! Step one to health completed! 



Ensure that you are you are getting your 2 litres gradually throughout the day and not getting to the end of day and glugging down the last litre and a half! I like to have a glass of water half an hour before my meal and no water during as it waters down nutrients, but try not to get bogged down by this, the main thing is to drink good quality water on empty stomach in the mornings.


The plan is, warm water in the morning.

Sip water throughout the day.

Avoid the drinks that dehydrate.

Love your cells.



A word to the wise: cutting down on caffeine is an excellent idea, going cold turkey can give you withdrawal symptoms so maybe take baby steps. Be proud of your first step in taking power over health, be proud of every glass of water. When you think you want a coffee try a warm lemon water, or a green tea (which still contains caffeine.)  If you still want the coffee afterwards have it BUT ensure that you really, really enjoy it. Sip it savour it. If it doesn´t have the same appeal then maybe you just don´t need it.




Slowly but surely you can take full control of your health. You honestly can. I´m walking proof! The first step is hydrating your cells.




Enjoy the process




Love and light.



x x x




Here´s another list of things being researched:




  • Diabetes

  • Herniated discs

  • Chronic pain

  • Depression

  • Fibromyalgia 

  • Suicidal tendencies

  • Edema

  • Acid reflux

  • Asthma

  • Syncope

  • Migraines

  • Chronic fatigue

  • Bronchitis 

  • Skin ailments

  • Dizziness

  • Allergies  

  • Diabetes

  • Eye edema

  • Herpes

  • Cancers. 


As an aside if you´d like to learn more about water I suggest reading this great little book. All the info you need in gulp sized format!




"Water the Elixir of Life" by Lesley Pierce. It´s written by a friend of mine, I recommend is a learning aid as its short, sweet and very, very clear. You can get all the info you need in a hour or 2 refer back to it, or even lend it to a friend.  Also check out ´Your Bodies Many Cries For Water´ by the doctor himself for some more intense reading. (You can easily read it 2 days or less if you´re obsessive like me)




Dr Batmanghelidj has some pretty whacky and wonderful ideas on dehydration, and I think he's right!  Here´s a few:



“thirst in the body can manifest itself in the form of abdominal pain to the level that the person can even become semi-conscious.” “water shortage is actually the background to most of the health problems in our society.”


He claims that histamine regulates the water in the body and that antidepressant drugs are antihistamines, pain medications are antihistamines, and other medications are directly and indirectly antihistamines.


“we measure the level of cholesterol in the body in the blood we take out of the veins of the body, and nowhere in the history of medicine is there recorded one single case of cholesterol ever having blocked the veins of the body.”


“a lot of children who drink soft drinks actually become ‘stupid’, but once you take the soft drink away from them, their grades improve tremendously — C’s and F’s become A’s and B’s.”



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