Why Should I Eat The Rainbow?

It's all about these magnificent Phytochemicals, found only in plants.




Phytochemicals in a nutshell are chemical compounds that protect plants from things such as UV damage, germs, fungi and bugs. Amazingly they can transfer these protections into us when we eat them as part of a balanced nutrient rich diet.


Here comes the science part, concentrate.... 


...Firstly, what are Flavonoids?


They are the largest group of phytochemicals and are powerful antioxidants also the have anti-inflammatory and immune boosting properties. We love them and they´re easy to spot!





Red Fruits or Vegetables...




Red colour in foods generally comes from either Lycopene or Anthocyanin as well as red foods being a rich source of many vitamins such as, C, A and B9 (Folic Acid/ Folate).


Anthocyanin is the easiest to spot and most readily available flavonoid and gives food red and also purple colour. Anthocyanin is great for the heart and studies have shown a positive relationship

between eating these red fruits or veg and reduced risk of heart attack, fighting cancer and improved cognitive function. They work best by protecting the heart, think of your heart as red and then match red foods to protect it, cherries, red grapes, chokeberry, red currant, blood orange, red cabbage, beetroot.


What are Carotenoids?


Quite the same really, these are the red orange and yellow plant colours that are mainly responsibly for absorbing, light and seeing as our aim is to flood our cells, with nutrients, love and light they are great place to open the flood gates


Lycopene is a carotenoid amongst other things it gives tomatoes their beautiful red shine. It has been linked with cancer prevention particularly prostate cancer and is also thought to be wonderful for healthy breast tissue. Heating Lycopene a little makes it more readily available so a warm tomato salad can work wonders for your immune system, reduce cholesterol, improve tissue quality and promote healthy skin.







Orange & Yellow Fruits or Vegetables...




Orange and yellow fruit and veg are also packed full of carotenoids which as we know are fantastic at fighting cancer and Cardiovascular Diseases which basically refers to heart problems, we can call it CVD.

The heavy weight in the orange corner is Beta-carotene, which your body uses to make vitamin A.

Beta-carotene and vitamin A work well to protect the skin, bones and teeth but also they have great benefits for your eyesight too. If your Grandmother ever told you as a child to eat your carrot because they make

you see in the dark the, the amazing thing is that Granny may not have been far off right after all. Orange and Yellow fruits and vegetables are also sources of Vitamin C, B9 & potassium.



Blue, Indigo & Violet Fruits or Vegetables... 




Anthocyanin gives red and purple food their colours, when it is in it´s more acidic from it can appear red, more alkaline and we see the purple hue, the beauty of purple foods is that they offer up to 9 times more phytochemical help, amazingly red grapes are a rich source of these immune boosting antioxidants however purple grapes can offer 9 fold the healing properties.



The strength and alkalinity of anthocyanin has shown some positive signs in treating Alzheimer’s disease and improving brain functions and blood flow. 

Resveratrol a compound in purple fruits including grapes is currently being studied as a way of combatting the ageing process. Blueberries are on our list of super-foods as they are high in antioxidants and may be the frontrunner in the emerging ageing science. Resveratrol also helps to relax the walls of your arteries and decreases blood pressure so packing these beauties into you diet amongst with other supplements can be wonderful in lower or removing a statin drug prescription altogether. How amazing to be able to control your own blood pressure!

Anthocyanin has been proven to aid liver function and the high alkaline readily available in purple foods can work wonders for the liver. They are also known to combat stomach ulcers and urine tract infections due to their ability to tackle these specific bacteria head on.


Antioxidant are the cavalry in the battle against cancer cells, it’s a scientifically proven fact that the darker the food the higher the antioxidant content. So when selecting your rainbow select a array of colours and always try to opt for a few very dark options in your purples and greens, this does not mean that lighter colours should be forgotten, lemons with their alkaline ash and appetite surpassing qualities can are essential during detoxification, choose a selection of colours in order to receive a selection of vitamins as we´ve just discussed each colour section of fruits and vegetables offers it´s own plethora of phytonutrients that you can not fine in another food groups. By eating the rainbow of mother natures food we are filing up on tonic of medicines to prevent bad health, to prevent the body falling into dis-ease. Prevention is better than cure and the 7 day reset plan teaches you to eat as though your life depends on it and have fun doing it.


Green Fruits or Vegetables...


 Greens are great the darker the better!


If you only take one thing away from this post let it be this...






And enjoy them, they're doing you the world of good!  Green superfoods are simply magnificent as they have the highest concentration of easily digestible fat burning compounds, vitamins and minerals for flexible metabolism.

Green superfoods contain Chlorophyll, which is similar in structure to human blood. Iron in the dark green leaves helps blood and oxygen flow freely in the body which is the   

primary resource in cellular function. Dark leafy greens contain easily digestible proteins, enzymes and a host of vitamins and minerals acting as an elixir for the immune system, brain functions and so much more. Basically we´re going green, we´re going dark and we´re going hard on the leaves! Kale, rocket, spinach, parsley, carrot greens, beet greens, broccoli, sprouts, watercress, chicory, sprouts of all kinds.


Also with your therapist you may look into green supplementation, possibly an algae, chlorella or spirulina for example. Spirulina is 70% protein, which is amazing when you think steak is just 25%, wow! Chlorella which is a complete protein and also rich in vitamins B, C and E and a handful of minerals.


Basically there are so many green vegetables out there and so many ways to prepare them, get ready to fall in love with all things green and get creative with their usage.


Stay tuned for the white foods section. 


Love and Light. 







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