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Following a great radio chat with the wonderful Nicole King on Mi Marbella radio last week, I've been invited to share mindfulness & yogic tips & titbits every Friday on RTV Marbella at 6pm. It couldn't have come at a better time!




Well Nicole phrased it perfectly in her vivacious way introducing her EuroNews Weekly article; “Sometimes I think we really do need a good slap”.  Nicole’s article posed the question "Are we living in a tower of Babel?" she worries “We live in a world where fear predominates for the majority…we’re all too frantically rushing through our lives, too busy, too scared, too tired, too detached to even consider the facts”



Is she right to think this way?



The world has the potential to split and segregate into angry factions, with Trumps presidency & the thunder of Brexit echoing in the summer skies, we are at a time when more than ever despite our differences we need to come together.


I will admit my original feelings about the “B” word were of utter shock. The bookies had it under good authority “in was a win"  before the vote. Regardless of the outcome there was no denying we had already began to divide ourselves. Friends I had known 25 years, grown up with, shared my tuck box with were suddenly turning aggressive towards me and my values, and were royally getting on my nerves too, friendships lay quivering under the Facebook comment session.


What the votes seems to have done is paved the way for angry minorities who would normally remain dormant.  I’m seeing too many videos pop up about misplaced anger, youth blaming the elderly, rich blaming poor, everyone blaming Muslims, openly racist rhetoric, a "them versus us mentality". The thing is that life very rarely falls into such easily separable categories. It’s gotten to the stage that I genuinely expect to arrive home to a ridiculous fear mongering tabloid headline such as “Immigrants Cause Cancer.”  Well I’m an immigrant who married an immigrant here in Spain and as of yet I’ve not robbed, killed or infected anyone, in fact I’m trying quite hard to fit in and further the community in which I live & I'd imagine 99.9% of the immigrants back in Blighty are doing something pretty similar. We need to be aware that there is a large portion in the Big Media of powerful people paying powerful people to get the middle class to blame the poor  and the "foreigners". 


The headlines have people scared & confused and really damned p****d off! Nicole a rather more responsible & switched on journalist wrote, “We all succumb to the temptation far too frequently choosing not to look within but seeking blame & retribution by commenting on everyone else… continually adding fuel to the fire.” Putting all of our energy to be so fervently against something only gives power to the object which one is attempting to eradicate. Things are changing let’s adapt, for own good, let’s find something to fight for! Let’s move on positively and pro something…anything! 


This is one of the many reasons why I couldn’t be more thrilled to be introducing my mini mindfulness section on RTV Marbella now.

The rigid divides that we make for ourselves are simply unnatural we say “I disagree with this and so I disagree with you!” and we rip conclusions down the convenient “tear here” dotted line. We’ve drawn a straight line in the sand and you’re either in camp A or B, it’s playground logic and it’s a bit silly. Some people have a toe in both camp and that's okay.


People simply can’t be defined in such clean cut ways, society can’t be defined in such rigid ways, there’s no wiggle room & in my opinion wiggles are the key to manoeuvring this world.

Alan Watts explained so eloquently about the “Wiggly World” in which we live. He talked about a difference in artistic styles  between man and nature, one would not mistake a “Leonardo for a Picasso” and one also can not mistake manmade for naturally occurring.  


Nature is wiggly.



 Everything wiggles, the outlines of the hills, the shapes of the trees, clouds, rivers. Straight lines do not exist in nature;


For some reason or other we find wiggly things very difficult to keep track of, and we say to people ‘keep still so that I can see you’ ‘keep still for camera’ and we say ‘well let’s get things straightened out’ ‘let’s get this all squared away.’. And somehow we think we understand things when we have translated them into terms of straight lines and squares.”

Wherever human beings have been around and done their thing you’ll find rectangles in the physical world BUT are we doing this to our society as well? Are we building boxes and filing each other into easily managed squares? Watts said with his wonderful sense of humour...

..."we live in boxes, our streets are laid out in a grid pattern… because it seems that the human being really has a very simple kind of mind and all this wigglyness is too complicated.”



A triangle can be used to represent a mountain but a triangle is “very much simpler and cruder.” A faction may be seen represent a certain population but so too must be streamlined into a cruder & simpler representation which may please one demographic and simultaneously incense another. That is not to say that those who are incensed or delighted by this topic can not find a mutual ground outside of the rhetoric that angers or pleases them both so deeply.



Watts wrote

“Things become complicated only when we think about them & that’s because we’re trying to translate them into a form of life which is much simpler and cruder than the forms of life we’re talking about.”

We can not simplify our society  into constructs that are too rigid.

Name one person that thought in an entirely linear thought process all their life, never deviating or digressing… it’s impossible. We are wiggly woggly and wonderful. Here is where Watts really hits the nail on the head; 




"Human beings are just as wiggly as nature and our brains are an incredible mess of wiggles & that’s the part of ourselves that we understand the least of all”






Should we the stop drawing straight lines in/on/around things and expecting them to behave the way we want?


Well perhaps this is the answer, we certainly can’t quantify life like this.


If our wonderful wiggly brains are the part of us that we understand the least & in our attempt to straighten out the wiggles we’re also divided and confused then we are vulnerable to outside influences coming along and shaking up our jellies! One well placed poke and the ripples could go on for a very long time. Have you ever shaken a blancmange? That stuffs takes ages to settle!



So we need to settle our Jelly and also stop poking everyone else’s bloody blancmange! 



I’m not saying roll over and take everything life throws it you, I’m just pointing towards the middle way. People often confuse kindness for weakness it is most certainly not.



I often say;

 “I’m all peace, love & a little go **** yourself!”







How are we supposed to create a rhetoric of unity in our society if we can’t create it inside our own heads?


 Instead of looking outwards we need to look in

and say “What can I do today?”






The answer is lots or you can start with a little,. 2 minutes of relaxation can last you hours. If you look back through history the best ideas come from stillness. Great minds are prone to even greater feats when they are relaxed, in fact below is list of ideas all spawned during sleep:


Mary Shelley -  Frankenstein, (the world's first science fiction novel was a dream).

Robert Louis Stevenson -  Jekyl & Hyde

Dmitry Mendeleyev The Periodic Table of elements.

Ottos Louis -  Nerve Impulse Breakthrough

Albert Einstein – The Speed of Light & Theory of Relativity.

Neils Bohr: The Structure of the Atom


And if that’s not enough then how about

Chris Nolan - Inception

James Cameron -Terminator 

The Beatles – yesterday

Jon Lennon – Dream

Steven King – The Dream Catcher.

Salvador Dali – The Persistence of Memory.  


Even the sewing machine  came to fruition after Ellias Howe dreamt of being stabbed repeatedly,







What does all this mean?


Well in a nutshell it means that you don’t even have to be awake to change the world!

It does however depend on what we do with the information received during our relaxation, Howes chose to turn his traumatic dream into something life changing. In my humble opinion it's less about trying to iron out the kinks and more about untangling the wires of life and rewrapping them in a coil. You see a spiral returns to the same point continuously but just form a wider or more narrow angle, it's not particularly  repeating, it's continuing. But we'll speak more on my spiral obsession later, for now back to the mind.

If the mind can literally dream up all of this ground breaking stuff without conscious effort, just imagine what the mind can do in a relaxed & cont state.  So whilst we’re busy rushing around and rationalising the world at large & society into neat little boxes we’re blocking the wonderful wiggly mess that is life.



So when we come into state of relaxation not only can we unify our internal rhetoric & start nothing short of magic happening but we have a much greater chance of allowing all the wiggles to trickle messily through our community like hills on the horizon. There’s no hill we can’t climb if we put our heart to it.


So join me Fridays at 6pm or online at anytime that suites you and learn to love the wiggly woggly wonderful mess we all are!  You’ll notice in my first segment I don’t even try to explain mindfulness, it’s a notion, a feeling a sensation a practice so let’s allow this to flow together and try and rationalise it. Let’s just wiggle.


And if you’re in the Marbella area I invite you to join as this years United Nationalities of Marbella Summit, regardless if you agree with me actually if you disagree with then I would say you are especially welcome! The link is below.




It’s start with you and it’s starts today.


Love & Light



United Nationalities of Marbella Summit 2017.
We look forward to seeing you.



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