What is the movie of your life?

Warrior women everywhere I have something I would like to scream from the roof tops! 




If you're having a so called "negative" thought in this moment, that's okay, don't beat yourself up about it don't fight it, don't w0rry about it so much.  The thing about worry is that worry is by defined as state of anxiety over actual or potential problems. Nowhere in the definition of the word worry do the words resolve or resolution factor.  It's like playing a  movie on loop and waiting for the end to change. We don't need to identify with our worries and become this state of anxiety, yes there are times where we must be concerned with our lives and it's important to take an active interest in our world.


But I just want to send out a little message of love that we are not our worries,


We are so much more.


Instead of saying I AM worried, choose to say this worries me, you don't have to identify with it. You can even allow the worry to loop a little and then allow space for the solution. It's kind of like being the bouncer for your brain on a busy night, when the "club" is at full capacity you have to let one in & one out.


So guard the door to your thoughts and say right "One in one out. Worry you've had enough" And give it the boot! Worry out the side door and solution in the front.  


We spend so much time worrying about how we look or how others perceive us. A number of things happen when we worry. Firstly, worry is the practice of going over & over a situation without solving it. It is a non-resolving thought process with no positive outcome the time and energy spent worrying is wasted. The silliest part is most things we worry about are out of our control. Whilst worrying we are not allowing positive emotions, the emotions stirred up are negative and potentially harmful. The physical effects of these emotions not only damage internally but a preoccupied mind is more likley to have an accident, perform poorly and fail to maintain itself properly.


So in a nutshell, worrying only leads to more reasons to worry.






This clip was taken from Marbella Now RTV - you can catch the show every Friday at 6 or online here at http://rtvmarbellanow.com/


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