12 Signs You Are in the Right Relationship... you'll love number 11!

Modern dating is HARD the world is moving quicker than ever and all this swiping has got us addicted to the idea of not settling just in case. It's hard to read the signs sometimes. 

Have you met the one? 

Is it worth fighting for? 


Is it time to move on? 


Well these 12 signs are great indicators that you're in the right place. You don't have to hit all 12 to know you're on to a good thing, your heart will already know even if your heads flapping about all over the place. 


When you've read all 12 your intuition will already have your answer.



1. You’re Grateful for the little things.


In positive psychology gratitude comes up time and time again as a key component in happiness.


Grateful people feel more positive emotions, savour good experiences longer, builder stronger relationships, deal better with adversity and are healthier.

A healthier you makes for a healthier relationship.


Are you appreciative of the little things you partner does for you?


Is thank you a word that flies around your household? Does your partner appreciate things you do for them?


This is a sure fire sign you’re in the right relationship.



There is a difference between gratitude and servitude. If you feel like you are forced to be thankful this is a different kettle of fish all together. Gratitude is beautiful organic and heart felt it isn’t demanded.





2. You are you! Weird and wonderful and they love it.


 Around 7.5 billion people in the world, the odds of your parents meeting more than once  before 25 forming a relationship, having sex ending in fertilisation, pregnancy carrying out to completion and creating the 37 trillion cells are a staggering 1 in 4000 trillion.  The lottery odds are 1 in 14 million.


Let that sink in.


When you put that into context the odds of any of us happening at all are basically ZERO but here you are, genetically one of kind with no equal, you are basically a miracle! 


Against all the odds you’re here and you’re far too special to be with anyone who doesn't  let you strut, stress, stomp, snore and shine.


Being with someone who loves you for you allows you to space to love yourself even more and your love will do the same for them. Which brings me onto my next point.



3. You naturally inspire each other 


Being with your partner inspires you to higher heights.


They see in you something that you never saw  before it makes you feel more capable. You are so smitten with this beautiful creature that it inspires you both to climb higher together.


Or is it a little less dramatic?


Are you just happy with your partner, have you taken away a little of each other’s insecurities and instilled faith and a foundation to grow together?


This is true sign of a great relationship, go and give them a big old snuggle!




4. You don’t try and change each other.


Growing together naturally is a wonderful thing, but looking at faults in others and believing life will be better “When they do this….” Isn’t being true to either one of you.


Be it addictions, bad habits or just annoying breathing sounds people don’t change because you want them to, they change because it is their time to. 


 You have stopped trying to mould each other into perfect life partners and accepted them based on the now, not the self you want to see in the future. Or you have simply accepted them from day one as the wonderful faulty individuals they are.


If they aren’t right for you now, they probably aren’t right for you at all it takes a wise person to see this, sometimes we love the idea of the relationship more than the relationship itself.





5.  You spend time together doing what you both enjoy.


A true relationship isn’t one sided. You’re not always with one person’s friends and family or indulging one person more than the other.


You are sharing common interests and taking quality time away from the sofa on date night.


If you are already spending money on experiences not things, well done you’ve really cracked one key to a healthy relationship.


Anyone can buy a gift online spending time not money is sign you’re in the right place with the right one.





6. You spend time apart doing what you both enjoy.


Let’s face it you are NEVER going to agree on every little thing and activity, sometimes girls need girly nights and lads need lad nights and people need space. If they’re into something you don’t enjoy why force yourself into it? Life’s too short, encourage them to go off and do their own thing. Space and trust are paramount to success in a relationship.




7. You want to be around them most of the time!



Allowing each other space to be is a wonderful thing, but if you’re finding yourself working overtime or staying in the bar for another round over and over again, perhaps you’re avoiding something.


Whilst it’s not healthy no be living in each others pockets you should miss them a healthy amount when they’re not there and look forward to seeing them.


If after a few of dating weeks their name on your phone lights up your face that’s great if after a few years you’re still feeling that same happiness to see them then yes you are in the right place and lucky you.









8. The sex is amazing and it evolves with your relationship.


Sex isn’t everything but it certainly is important. 

Desiring you partner on the physical level is great but if you’ve come to desire them on an emotional and spiritual level it makes that connection even more intimate.


Sex can tell us a lot about levels of trust, intimacy and self awareness. Sex can be a  creative expression as well as a physical act 



If you can have intimate passionate sex in the same hour as talking about emotions, dreams, aspirations, laundry, commitments, aliens, unicorns, who would a win a fight between a lion and a bear and  the living room then you already know you are in a beautiful relationship, you don’t need me to tell you!cleaning












9.) You are gross and you love it!




Are you and your partner able to be totally free and open to be your miraculous selves together, messy mornings, geeky jokes, bad moods even farts? Have you ever licked each others faces as a joke? Is "the line" a dot on the horizon to you now? 

Congratulations, you are vile, vulgar humans just like the rest of bask in your bizarre wonderfulness. The are no facades left just your authentic gross selves. 










10. You are willing to let things go.


So they said they would phone the bank on Monday it’s Thursday  it’s still not done? 
So they promised to tidy up the mess in
the bathroom a week ago? 


Yes, it grinds your gears but you’re willing to let it slide, to see the bigger picture.


I’m not saying you never argue, an argument can be as healthy as a hug sometimes. Not saying what you really feel and growing slowly resentful is far less healthy than arguing progressively and maturely about the things that matter. Coming to an agreement without throwing crockery is actually a great skill. You argue with respect and don’t sweat the small stuff. You are willing to let it go and see things from their side and focus on things that matter.  





11.) You'd want to them on your Zombiepocalypse team!


Now this is an important one. When the sh*t hits the fan they're the one's you'd call! 


You want them on your ultimate survival team. You feel safe when you're together, either they protect you or empower you either way you could kick some apocalyptic ass when you're together.


Equally you are willing to wage holy war in their honour if absolutely necessary, you'd probably survive if you were together. You are a ninja dream team/ excellent at surviving in the bedroom for days on minimal sunshine and supplies! .



12. You share a vision.


When you talk about the future you’re sharing the same vision, it feels good to lie down and make up nonsense and imagine tomorrow, next week, next year, 10, 20, 30 years down the line.


You enjoy Planning trips, businesses, family, houses or even the weekend and you know they're not false promises.


When you talk about the future you feel good, it’s exciting because you’re in it together and you’re on the same page. Day dreaming with them is just divine. They give you faith in tomorrow. You don’t have to have all the answers just a common vision and the ability to go with the flow.




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