I have been blessed...

... With the amazing opportunities to travel the world and teach Montessori, English, yoga, hula-hoop and meditation. And what adventures they have been, these photos of smiling faces are simply a joy to me I can't begin to explain the magic and wonder children bring to my life! We built musical instruments for a school of kids out of a rubbish dump in Uganda, taught 150 teenagers to "hula-hoop for world peace" in Thailand, performed circus shows to refugees in Burma and ran a classroom for 3 years in Chon Buri Thailand were we meditated and did yoga daily and the effect it had on the children change my whole outlook on life.  We are constantly telling children to calm down but if we're not teaching them how we're adding to their frustration. Telling children to be calm isn't enough...


 We have to give them the tools to find peace.

I am fully DBS checked and offer my services to families and schools across the UK the initial session is ALWAYS free. I have been so blessed to see the effects meditation and yoga can have on young inquisitive minds, or stressed adolescents in exam season. If we can raise a generation of grounded, calm individuals who know how to find inner peace, well that WILL change our world for the better.

I currently work in the, Cleobury, Ludlow & Shropshire area. 


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UK Launch 2019

I'm having a baby, can't wait to share this experience with you, I'll be up and running soon!

"Polly is a health and spirituality geek who emphasises on the importance of being gentle with the self, rather aiming to stretch and push the tissues, she focuses on embodying the tissues in their movements creating body intelligence.  She aims to guide you to tune in to the bodies subtle whispers and understand why as well as the how we move the way we do. Her number one passion is wellbeing and so she is qualified in all aspects of a healthy body and mind in order to give you the best all round advice. "